Schneider Products

Our comprehensive range of Schneider Products is highly demanded among the clients across the globe. The range encompasses Schneider Air Circuit Breaker, Schneider Circuit Breaker, Schneider Distribution Board, Schneider EasyPact, and Schneider Motor Controller. Directly procured from the manufacturers, these Schneider Products are known for their high efficiency and longer working life. The clients can avail these Schneider Products in different specifications as per their requirement.

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Schneider Air Circuit Breaker

Masterpact NT & NWMasterpact NT and NW ranges from Schneider Air Circuit Breaker offer built in communications and metering functions in addition to the traditional features of power circuit breakers viz withdrawbility, discrimination and low maintenance all in optimized frame sizes. Our products incorporate the latest technology to enhance both performance and safety. Easy to install, with user-friendly, intuitive operation and environment-friendly design, Masterpact NT and NW are, quite simply circuit breakers of their time. Masterpact NT and NW ranges from Schneider Air Circuit Breaker offer built in communications and metering functions in addition to the traditional features of power circuit breakers viz withdrawbility, discrimination and low maintenance all in optimized frame sizes. Our products incorporate the latest technology to enhance both performance and safety. Easy to install, with user-friendly, intuitive operation and environment-friendly design, Masterpact NT and NW are, quite simply circuit breakers of their time. Aiming at standardizing electrical switchboards at a time when installations are increasingly complex, Masterpact provides an unequalled simplicity, both concerning choice and installation.


  • The smallest circuit breaker in the world
  • Maximum security
  • Optimised volumes(Up to 4000 A, Masterpact NW circuit breakers are all the same size, the same as the old M08 to 32 range. From 4000 A to 6300 A, there is just one size.)

Two families and three frame sizes: The range of power circuit breakers includes two families

  • Masterpact NT, the world’s smallest true power circuit breaker, with ratings from 630 to 1600 A
  • Masterpact NW, in two frame sizes, one from 800 to 4000 A and the other from 4000 A to 6300 A

All standards

Masterpact is compliant with international standards IEC 60947-1 and 2, IEC 68230 for type 2 tropicalisation, UL489, ANSI, UL1066, CCC and GOST.

Compliance with environmental requirements

The materials used for Masterpact are not potentially dangerous to the environment and are marked to facilitate sorting for recycling. Production facilities are non-polluting in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard.

Schneider Circuit Breakers

63f9c35194_Product ( electrical trading) SCHNEIDER ELECTRICWe are instrumental in offering Schneider Circuit Breaker, which is widely appreciated among the clients owing to its high performance and longer service life. The Schneider Circuit Breaker offered by us, is available in variety such as Compact NS Circuit Breaker and Compact NSX Circuit Breaker. Moreover, the clients can avail Schneider Circuit Breaker at market leading prices. Compact NS Circuit Breaker Compact NSX Circuit Breaker

Compact NSX Circuit Breaker

Compact NSX MCCBToday, next-generation Compact NSX circuit breakers provide an intelligent outlook and set the standards of tomorrow. A power monitoring unit enhances their invariably impeccable protective functions. For the first time, users can monitor both energy and power, offering new performance in a remarkably compact device. The new range of Compact NSX circuit breakers stands out from the crowd, thanks to its electronic intelligence.

Compact NS Circuit Breaker

63f9c35194_Product ( electrical trading) SCHNEIDER ELECTRICThe launch of Merlin Gerin Compact NS in 1994 revolutionized the world of molded-case circuit breakers. Innovative, flexible and attractive, Compact NS Circuit Breaker rapidly set the standard in its field. Today, Schneider Electric continues to innovate, extending the Compact NS Circuit Breaker range to high power ratings to offer a comprehensive and consistent range from 80 to 3200 A.

Schneider Easy Pact

EasyPact MCCBWe are engaged in trading, exporting and supplying Schneider Easy Pact that is the simple and universal solution to fit all the needs in terms of low voltage protection. The Easy Pact is available with only three sizes of circuit breakers. Further, the clients can avail Schneider Easy Pact at market leading prices. Easy Pact Brings You Easy Solutions

  • From 15 A to 400 A
  • Up to 50 kA at 415 V
  • Up to 4 poles
  • In only three frame sizes
  • With a complete range of auxiliaries and accessories

EasyPact range complies with worldwide standards

  • IEC 60947-2b EN 60947-2b JIS C8201-2-1/C8201-2-2(annex 1 and 2)b Nema-AB1b
  • UL508b CSA22-2b IACS for Merchant Marine.(International Association of Classification Societies: Veritas, Germanisher Lloyd’s, Rina, USSR, Lloyd’s Register)
  • With international certifications and approvals by independent Laboratories ASEFA, KEMA, TILVA, TÜV, UL. And compliance to RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)


Schneider Distribution Board and Components:

63f9c35194_Product ( electrical trading) SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC copy11

Schneider Electric ‘Acti 9’ is the complete high performance modular system for final distribution, suitable for all Industrial, commercial and residential applications. This range of din rail mounting products supports much functionality like.

  • Protection and Switching.
  • Checking and Monitoring.
  • Control and Programming.

Acti 9 series of products are having a strong backup of 5 generations of Industry experience and 21 new and unique patents. Acti 9 is unmatched in quality has a aesthetically attractive design and unparalleled high quality fit and finish. Acti 9 is the most flexible and innovative low-voltage modular system, which gives unmatched efficiency, reduces design and installation time, makes ones business more competitive. It even has control and communication ability and integrates with any facility management system. Acti 9 proudly declares that it has all the necessary standards complied in accordance to the design and manufacturing of the product such as IEC/EN 60947-2, 60898-1, 61009-1 & 61009-2-2.

Type of Modular devices available for selection in Acti 9 range:

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), iDPN, iK60, iC60N,H & L, C120N & H, NG125a, N, H & L, 0.5A to 125A, SP, SP+N, DP, TP & 4Pole, 6 to 25kA, Curves – B,C,D,K,MA or Z Curves, IEC, EN, UL/CSA Approved. Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB, ELCB) 16A to 125A, 10, 30, 100, 300 & 500mA. Vigi Module Blocks for Industrial application with connection of MCB to make a complete device for Man and Machine safety. Modular Isolators, Fuse Carriers, Surge Protection Devices, Power Supplies, Insulator monitoring Devices, Programmable Timers, Command & Indicating devices, Dimmers & Control Relays. Digital & Analogue measurement devices, Current and Control Transformers.

Strong Points of Schneider Electric Modular Devices:

Complete range of material for the final distribution, controls and beyond. Single point of selection for major applications and all types of applications.

Certifications and approvals:

Known and approved by all the major Testing and Certification bodies, The Schneider Electric Acti 9 range is an easy choice for the customers to pick and use the product in various sectors. Some of the reputed certifications are listed below. – UL/CSA – USA & Canada, – KEMA – Netherland, – CCC – China, CEBEC – Belgium, ENEC – Europe, GOST – Russia & Ukraine, IMQ & RINA– Italy, VDE & GL/D – Germany, NF & BV/F – France, RCM – Australia, LRS – Great Britain, IRAM – Argentina, etc.

Schneider Distribution Board

Schneider Distribution BoardThe Schneider Distribution Board is specially designed for all housing and residential applications. These Distribution Boards come with rated current of 6A-40A and combine the following functions i.e. Short circuit Protection and Overload Protection. The Multi 9 series offers the best optimum final Distribution Board solution to both domestic as well as industrial applications.

Schneider Motor Controller

The range of Schneider Motor Controller is widely demanded among the clients owing to its advanced features. Schneider Motor Controller provides more simplicity, compactness, openness and flexibility in operations. Moreover, the Schneider Motor Controller assists in many evolutions and new items to aid the productivity.

63f9c35194_Product ( electrical trading) SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC copy111

Is the only Global Company devoted exclusively to Electrical Distribution, Automation and Control. Our main aim is to enhance our customer’s performance by providing increasingly comprehensive, effective and easy to use solutions. We deliver a line up of products, services and solutions for the residential, buildings, industry and energy & infrastructure markets through world leading products that guarantee superior quality, safety, benefits and services. Schneider Electric Control range of products offer endless possibilities to your requirement of control products and applications such as Contactors from 6A to 2,750A, Overload Relays, Motor Circuit Breakers, Soft Starters, Variable Speed Drives, Sensors, Limit Switches, Photoelectric Cells, control and signaling units, Safety modules, Power Supplies, Interfaces, Relays, Enclosures and assembly accessories. Schneider Electric control products are the part and parcel of Schneider Electric energy efficiency and intelligent approach, designed for easy disassembly and recycling at end of life. All the control products comply with environmental directives RoHS and WEEE, and also with ISO 14001 standards, thanks to our non-polluting factories all across the globe.

Schneider Electric Control products Range:

Contactors from 6A to 2,750A both in 3 & 4 Pole, for AC and DC applications. Thermal & Electronic Overload Relays, complete range complimenting the Schneider Contactors. Electronic type System and Control Protection and Monitoring Relays, such as Time range and CT Range, Measuring and Monitoring, Power supplies, Signal converters, Interface, Logic and Control Relays in elaborate and extensive range. Manual Motor Starters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Soft Starters. Pilot Lights, Selector Switches, Push Buttons and all panel and control accessories.

Strong Points of Schneider Electric Control Products:

Versatile selection and all solutions available under one family and brand. Easy availability of material with the least delivery period. Approved and recognized in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, with all possible approvals. Suitable and can be adapted to simple and complex applications. Well recognized and best suited for Marine, Solar, Nuclear and other special applications.

Compliance to International Standards and Approvals:

Schneider Electric products satisfy all major standards and certifications. They comply with maojor IEC Standards such as IEC 60947, IEC 60204-1. All the Components are approved with ANSI (USA), BS (UK), CEI (Italy), DIN/VDE (Germany), EN (Europe) GOST (Russia), IEC (Worldwide), JISC (Japan), IBN (Belgium), NNI (Netherlands), UTE (France), SAA (Australia), AENOR (Spain). Schneider Electric Control components hold many of the reputed and recognized quality labels, such as, CEBEC – Belgium, KEMA-KEUR – Netherlands, NF – France, OVE – Austria, SEMKO – Sweden, CSA – Canada, UL – USA, CCC – China.