LSIS has been the market pioneer for electric switchgear products in Korea, now we are putting forth these propelled innovation items to the world with Susol and Metasol Series ACB, MCCB and Magnetic Contactor and Overload Relay.

Metasol Air Circuit Breaker

Metasol ACB meets your demands for high breaking capacity, fully line-up, and optimized panel size. Various accessories and connection methods realize user-friendly handling. Metasol ACB provides you with total solutions with an advanced trip relay for measurement, diagnosis, analysis, and communication as well as protective functions for absolute protective coordination and electric power monitoring system.



  • High breaking current 120kA, 6300A at AC500V
  • Up to 6300A, 4 frame
  • Approved the type test by KEMA according to IEC60947-2
  • High function Trip Relay
  • Protection: L, S, I, G, ZSI, Thermal UVR, OVR, etc.
  • Multi-functional Power Meter Various accessories (Total 48EA)
  • On/Off button lock/Key lock/Pad lock/safety shutter lock
  • Mechanical interlock/Packing interlock/Door interlock
  • Miss insertion prevents device Temperature alarm, etc.

Metasol MCCB&ELCB Series

Compatible and differentiated design Same External dimension with MCCB and ELCB Upgrade the coordination Upgrade breaking capacity Ics = 100% Icu



Standardized dimension (Depth, Cutout) when the panel is made.Various installable Accessories Wider range of installable accessories compared to Meta MEC series

Composed ofUser FriendlyMethodCommon use internal accessories to 250AF Metasol MCCBs and ELCBs



  • Alarm Switch (AL) Alarm switches offer provisions for immediate audio or visual indication of a tripped breaker due to overload, short-circuit, operation of shunt trip, or undervoltage trip conditions, operation of push button.They are particularly useful in automated plants where operators must be signaled about changes in the electrical distribution system. This switch features a closed contact when the circuit breaker is automatically tripped. In other words, this switch does not function when the breaker is manually operated. Its contact is open when the circuit breaker resets.
  • Auxiliary Switch (AX) Auxiliary switch is for applications requiring remote “ON “and “OFF “indication. Each switch contains two contacts that have a common connection. One is open and the other closed when the circuit breaker is open, and vice-versa.
  • Undervoltage trip (UVT) The undervoltage trip automatically opens a circuit breaker when voltage drops to a value ranging between 35% to 70% of the line voltage. The operation is instantaneous, and the circuit breaker cannot be reclosed until the voltage returns to 85% of line voltage.Continuously energized, the undervoltage trip must be operating before the circuit breaker can be closed.
  • Shunt Trip (SHT) The shunt trip opens the mechanism in response to an externally applied voltage signal. LS shunt trips include coil clearing contacts that automatically clear the signal circuit when the mechanism has tripped contact with live parts, and thereby guarantee protection against direct contacts.



High breaking capacity: up to 50kA

  • Ics=100% X Icu
  • Insulation Voltage : 750V
  • Impulse Voltage : 8Kv



Suitable for protection against Overload & Short Circuit(BKN, BKH, BKP, BF Series) Ground fault & over circuit(RKP, RKS) Ground fault(RKN) Surge Protect Device(BKS) 1, 2, 3, 4 Poles & Isolator 35mm DIN-rail mounting & Plug-in types Rated voltage 230/400V Characteristics: B, C, D according to IEC 60898 for MCB Accessories: auxiliary switch CE, KEMA, SEMKO, CQC/CCC, SABS, SASO, GOST, UL1077, SNI

MCB & RCCB[167]


Miniature Circuit Breakers are placed directly upstream of the loads and are designed to protect final loads. They are ideal for the protection of circuits in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, and ensure the following functions: protection against short-circuit and overload currents, isolation, and protection of persons against indirect contact.

Miniature Circuit Breakers
1) BK series.

-BKN: 1 to 4pole up to 63A & 6kA (IEC60898)

  • -BKN-b: 1 to 4pole up to 63A 10kA (IEC60898)
  • -BKH: 1 to 4pole from 63 to 125A 10kA (IEC60947-2)

2) BF series – 6~50A Max 2.5kA at 415VAC (IEC60947-2)
3) BS series – 6~30A, 1.5kA at 110/220VAC 4)
4) FB series – 3~30A, 5~50A, 60~100A, 2.5kA at 460VAC 2, 3pole

Residual Current Devices

1) RK series

  • -RKN type (RCCB)
  • -Confirming to IEC61008, Protection against ground fault, 25~63A, 30, 100, 300mA

2) RKP type (RCBO) -Confirming to IEC61009, Protection against ground fault & overcurrent, 3~32A, 30, 100, 300Ma

Contactor & Relay

Suitable for controlling, protecting, switching

LS control components are suitable for switching, protecting and starting motors and plants. The components are aiming for space-saving, flexibility, convenience and easy wiring, installation through various accessories.



  • Rated current : 6 ~ 800A with 9 Frame size
  • Up to 440kW at 440V in category AC-3
  • Uimp = 8kV, Ui = 1,000V(Over 40AF)
  • Combination with Manual motor starters
  • Various accessories
  • KEMA, UL/CSA, CE certified


High Performance

  • Endure reliability in the system: Type ∥ coordination
  • Perfect system with peripheral devices
  • No arc exposure via sealed structure

User convenience

  • One-touch connection with Din Rail
  • Simple wiring with Adapter, Reversing wire set
  • 4-terminal type: Easy wiring of operation coil
  • Module type of screw terminal
  • Interlock unit with built-auxiliary contacts (2NO built-in)