ABB provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices.  The business improves the reliability and efficiency of its customers’ activities across all major industries including the residential sector.

Emax Air Circuit Breakers.

The new Emax Air Circuit Breakers are a result of ABB SACE’s constant commitment to look for new solutions and of the knowhow it has developed throughout the years. This is an incredibly innovative high quality circuit-breakers range, designed to satisfy all application requirements. The innovation of new Emax is really outstanding from all points of view. Completely re-engineered releases fitted with latest generation of electronics, improved performances with the same dimensions and new applications to fulfill the latest market needs. The new electronics open a window to the world of extraordinary solutions, with connectivity options never before seen in the market. This is the chance to experience the latest range of ABB SACE’s new Emax range, where the evaluation has been going on since.


Emax Range of ABB SACE

  • The Emax ACB range of ABB can be found in 2 models,namely;
  • The Emax X1 range – Small sized ACB up to 1600A
  • The Emax E1 to E7 range – Complete Industrial and residential solution ACB from 600A to 6300A

Strong Points of the ACB:

  • Available in complete Ampere ranges required in Low Voltage switchgear requirements.
  • Short Circuit Breaking capacity up to 150KA.
  • Available in both fixed, Draw out type three pole and 4 pole versions.
  • Suitable and can be adapted to simple and complex applications.
  • Well recognized and best suited for Marine, Solar, Nuclear and other special applications.

Compliance to Standards:
SACE Emax X1, E1 to E7 circuit breakers and their accessories conform to the international IEC-60947, EN 60947 (harmonized 3D CENELEC countries), CEI EN 60947 and IEC 61000 Standards and comply with recognized EC directives.

Compliance with environmental requirements:
The company’s quality management system is certified by RINA, one of the most prestigious international certification boards and complies with ISO 9001-2000 Standards. The ABB SACE test facility is accredited by SINAL: the plant in Frosinone is also certified in compliance with ISO-14001, Standard for the environment. OHSAS 18001, for health and safety in the workplace and SA800, for social responsibility.

Tmax & SACE Formula MCCB

ABB MCCB’s is a freedom,freedom reaching up to 1600A, with the new Tmax and SACE Formula circuit-breakers. There’s a boundless and highly diversified world of differing types of installations, requirements, needs and problems of 0 to 1600A. With the developedgeneration of breakers everything becomes simple and rational.
The ABB Molded Case Circuit Breakers range provides all types of trip units such as magnetic only, thermo-magnetic and electronic trip units. A wide range of accessories and the possibility of selecting dedicated ranges for all applications, even the most specific and advance type.


Type of MCCB’s available for selection in ABB Tmax Range:

  • SACE Formula Series MCCB available in 3 Frames, from 10A up to 630A, 15kA to 50kA.
  • Tmax XT Series MCCB available in 4 different frames, from 10A to 250A, 25kA to 150kA.
  • Tmax Series MCCB available in 7 different frames, from 10A to 1600A, 25kA to 150kA.

Strong Points of ABB MCCB’s

  • Versatile designs and frame sizes, able to match any requirement and site requirements.
  • Complete range of Current and Short Circuit protection for complete system discrimination.
  • Meets to all the required standards and specification of global applications.
  • Breakers designed in compliance to the latest international standards of IEC-60947-2.
  • Complete accessories available under one family, for specific and general utility.

Modular DIN-Rail products

ABB System pro M compact is a wide product range suitable for all Industrial, commercial and residential applications. This range of din rail mounting products supports much functionality like.

  • Protection and Switching.
  • Checking and Monitoring.
  • Control and Programming.

Moreover, shape and dimensions of the devices allow a perfect integration in existing installations. The technologically innovative bidirectional cylinder-lift terminal available in the System pro M compact devices enables synchronous closing of the front and rear wiring input.
It is having the highest safety standard for the installer, thanks to protection against electric shock according to EN 41140 Standards. Marking of all the devices is reliable and clear. Both supply and connection with busbars from top or bottom is possible and admitted.


Type of Modular devices available for selection in ABB System pro M compact range:

  • Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), S-200, S-200M & S-200P Series, 0.5A to 125A, SP, SP+N, DP, TP & 4Pole, 6 to 25kA,
  • Curves – B,C,D,K & Z Curves, IEC, EN, UL/CSA Approved.
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB, ELCB) 16A to 125A, 10, 30, 100, 300 & 500mA.
  • RCB Blocks, DDA-200, RCBO’s, ELS/ELR’s (Torroids).
  • Modular Isolators, Fuse Carriers, Surge Protection Devices, Power Supplies, Insulator monitoring Devices,
  • Programmable Timers, Command & Indicating devices, Dimmers & Control Relays.
  • Digital & Analogue measurement devices, Current and Control Transformers.

Strong Points of ABB Modular Devices:
Complete range of material for the final distribution, controls and beyond.
Single point of selection for major applications and all types of applications.

Certifications and approvals:
Known and approved by all the major Testing and Certification bodies, The ABB System pro M compact rangeis a easy choice for the customers to pick and use the product in various sectors. Some of the reputed certifications are listed below.
– UL/CSA – USA & Canada, – KEMA – Netherland, – CCC – China, CEBEC – Belgium, ENEC – Europe, GOST – Russia & Ukraine, IMQ & RINA– Italy, VDE & GL/D – Germany, NF & BV/F – France, RCM – Australia, LRS – Great Britain, IRAM – Argentina, etc.

Automation, controls & protection

ABB Control products are one of the oldest, recognized, trusted and the best in its class and way ahead in comparison to its nearest competitors. All major components designed and manufactured in Europe, the ABB Control range has one of the biggest and most efficient products.

ABB is a quality assurance organization in compliance with the requirements of ISO-9001 standard and our factories are approved with the International Standards. Our test platforms benefit from a quality assurance organization accredited as per standard ISO/IEC 17025.


In 1999, ABB extended its Environment Management Programme, and all concerned production factories are complying with high environmental protection standards and are ISO-14001 Certified.ABB Control products Range:

  • Contactors from 6A to 1600A both in 3 & 4 Pole, for AC and DC applications.
  • Thermal & Electronic Overload Relays, complete range complimenting the ABB Contactors.
  • Electronic type System and Control Protection and Monitoring Relays, such as Time range and CT Range, Measuring and Monitoring, Power supplies, Signal converters, Interface, Logic and Control Relays in elaborate and extensive range.
  • Manual Motor Starters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Soft Starters.
  • Pilot Lights, Selector Switches, Push Buttons and all panel and control accessories.

Strong Points of the ABB Control Products:

  • Versatile selection and all solutions available under one family and brand.
  • Easy availability of material with the least delivery period.
  • Approved and recognized in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, with all possible approvals.
  • Suitable and can be adapted to simple and complex applications.
  • Well recognized and best suited for Marine, Solar, Nuclear and other special applications.

Certifications and approvals: